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"Our mission is to unite as an organization of mortgage professionals, creating value for the membership through education, legislative representation, and communication, while promoting the highest level of ethical standards"  
MAC-PAC 1955

Mortgage Banker Association of the Lower Cape Fear

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Participating in the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) can offer several benefits for individuals involved in the mortgage industry.

Here are some reasons why you might consider participating at a local/regional/and National level:

  1. Networking opportunities: The MBA provides a platform for professionals in the mortgage industry to connect and build relationships with peers, industry leaders, and potential business partners. Networking can lead to valuable contacts, collaborations, and opportunities for career advancement.

  2. Industry knowledge and education: The MBA offers access to a wealth of industry knowledge and resources. They provide educational programs, seminars, conferences, and webinars on various mortgage-related topics, keeping you updated on the latest trends, regulations, and best practices. Staying informed and knowledgeable can help you excel in your career and make informed business decisions.

  3. Advocacy and representation: The MBA acts as a collective voice for the mortgage industry, advocating for its members' interests and influencing policy decisions that impact the industry. By participating, you contribute to a stronger, unified voice that can shape legislation and regulations in a way that benefits the industry as a whole.


At a local level, we want to ensure your decision to participate in the Mortgage Bankers Association aligns with your professional goals, interests, and the specific benefits you seek.

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